Tips for visiting Heineken Experience

With so much to see and do, it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

Here you can learn about various tips for visiting the Heineken experience to have a fantastic experience. 

Purchase your Heineken Experience tickets in advance

Heineken Amsterdam has famously long queues because of its popularity. 

You may avoid standing in line for hours on the short sidewalk outside the brewery by purchasing your Heineken Experience tickets in advance. 

Scan your ticket at the door to begin your journey into the world of Heineken!

Install the Heineken Experience app

The Heineken Experience has created a digital app that delivers more information and fun tidbits while you tour the facility. 

To get the most out of your experience, unlock the app as you enter the Heineken Experience. 

While the installations in the brewery are in English, the app is accessible in nine languages.

The languages include English, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Chinese, German, French, and Spanish. 

Take your time

You can take your time and look around the displays at your leisure. 

For a better experience, you can also book a guided tour of the Heineken Experience. 

Take your time during the tour to learn about Heineken’s history, the brewing process, and the company’s impact on the world. 

Local ambassadors to complement your Heineken Experience

While your tour will be self-guided, Heineken Experience Ambassadors will be stationed throughout the brewery to answer any questions. 

You will get more knowledge about the brewing process. 

They will also show you how to pour a beer and taste and sip one correctly! 

Because the majority of them are Amsterdam natives, they can tell you all about how Heineken’s legacy is intertwined with the city’s history and culture.

Don’t miss the beer tasting 

One of the highlights of the Heineken Experience is the beer tasting

You can sample Heineken beer from the brewery while learning about the various flavors and brewing processes. 

Age restrictions

Age restrictions
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To gain entry to the Heineken Experience, you must be at least 18 years old.

Arrive at the Heineken Session venue at least fifteen minutes before the start time of your experience.

Be an early bird

To avoid crowds and explore the attraction at your speed, go early in the morning or late in the evening.

With the Heineken Experience entry tickets, you can skip the line and get right into the history and brewing of one of the most recognizable beer brands in the world.

Remain hydrated

Carry water bottles with you while exploring the attraction to stay hydrated at all times, and replenish them at the water stations on the premises.

Maximize your visit with the tips to visit Heineken Experience.


1. How to make the most out of your Heineken Amsterdam visit?

To maximize your visit, you can start by booking Heineken Experience tickets in advance to avoid long queues. 

Enjoy the interactive brewery tour, learn about brewing, and enjoy beer tastings.

2. What to do at the Heineken Experience?

You may learn about Heineken’s origins, the brewing process, the occasionally outlandish innovations, and the tale behind the star at the historic structure.

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