Restaurants near Heineken Experience

This ancient building in the city center is the birthplace of the distinctive Heineken beer distributed and celebrated worldwide. 

Are you looking for a great place to eat near the Heineken Experience? 

Check out our list of the good restaurants near Heineken Experience, and reserve a table today to relax, unwind, and enjoy a delicious slice of Amsterdam.

Places to eat near Heineken Experience

After exploring the fascinating world of brewing at the Heineken Experience, satisfy your appetite at the nearby restaurants that offer a delightful culinary experience. 

You will find an array of dining options to suit every palate. 

No matter which restaurant you choose, these restaurants will provide a memorable dining experience to complete your visit.

Izakaya Asian Kitchen & Bar

IZAKAYA, an Amsterdam culinary hotspot, and authority on Asian gastronomy, has elevated the typical Japanese dining experience. 

Exquisite Japanese food is given a South American touch and served alongside a cocktail menu of the highest caliber.

IZAKAYA, nestled at the foot of the Sir Albert boutique hotel in Amsterdam’s busy “De Pijp” neighborhood. 

It promises absolute relaxation and indulgence in an “urban chic” atmosphere.


Daily: 12 pm to 3 pm

Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday: 12 pm to 11 pm
Thursday and Saturday: 12 pm to 11.30 pm

Monday, Thursday, and Sunday: 12 pm to 1 am
Friday and Saturday: 12 pm to 2 am
Closed: Tuesday

4 minutes walking distance 

Get a closer look at the beer brewing process, and, of course, taste the world-famous pilsener by purchasing the entry ticket to the Heineken experience.

MOMO Restaurant, Bar and Lounge

MOMO Restaurant, Bar & Lounge pioneered Asian flavors and shared fine dining in Amsterdam, previously considered groundbreaking in the Netherlands. 

The MOMO “family” constantly strives for perfection, reaching great lengths to secure the world’s best items. 

Each has a distinct palate, from the wall decorations to the selection of exquisite foods.


Wednesday to Sunday: 12 pm to 10 pm
It is closed on Monday, Tuesday

2 minutes walking distance

Amsterdam Hard Rock Cafe

Let us excite your senses at Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam, a complete music and culinary experience right on the water. 

Our restaurant is a great place to start the day or night and a pop culture museum with original artifacts from rock ‘n’ roll legends like Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, and the Rolling Stones. 

We invite you to quench your thirst with our drink selection and experience our diverse range of delectable foods.


Daily 12 pm to 10 pm

2 minutes walking distance

Ferilli’s Caffè Ristorante

Meet the Ferilli’s, an Amsterdam-based family with Roman roots, “the Ferilli family.”

After years of participating in fashion retail and side projects in the f&b scene, in 2016, we began building Ferilli’s hospitality world.


Daily 12 pm to 10 pm

6 minutes walking distance

MR PORTER restaurant

MR PORTER restaurant
Image: Kingcanary.nl

MR PORTER is a one-of-a-kind concept that artfully merges the features of a modern steakhouse with the buzz and atmosphere of a stylish lounge. 

MR PORTER distinguishes itself by emphasizing the social experience and approaching fine dining with a vibe-driven approach. 

The DJ at the venue generates an infectious, high-energy atmosphere, and the elegant space, with its unique island bar, encourages people to interact and mix. 

With its exceptional flavors, world-class service, and ideal environment, MR PORTER hopes to reinvent the modern dining experience.


Monday to Friday: 7 am to 10.30 am 
Saturday and Sunday: 7 am to 11 am 

Wednesday to Friday: 12 pm to 3 pm

12.30 pm to 3 pm, Sunday: 12.30 pm to 4 pm

Monday to Friday:
12 pm to 1 am 
Saturday and Sunday: 12.30 pm to 1 am

Monday, Wednesday and Sunday: 6 pm to 11 pm
Thursday, Saturday: 6 pm to 11.30 pm

11 minutes walking distance  

The Duchess 

This restaurant moved to Amsterdam in the summer of 2015, captivated by the magnificence and eminence of the Belle Époque. 

True to her imperial ancestry, THE DUCHESS is based in one of Amsterdam’s best-kept historic gems, the old KAS Bank and W Hotel Amsterdam. 

This restaurant exposes her guests to the refinement of classic London hospitality matched with Viennese majesty. 

The sophisticated flavors of Southern France and Italy, known as Nouveau-Niçoise Cuisine, reflect its royal spirit. 

The custom Molteni kitchen is a showpiece for a king, where light and pure cuisine coexist with decadently delectable sweets.


Lunch: Saturday and Sunday: 12.30 pm to 2.30 pm
Dinner: Wednesday to Sunday: 6 pm to 1 am

Distance: 11 minutes walking distance

CAU – Amsterdam

Steaks are the specialty of this Argentine casual fine-dining restaurant. It has the most extensive list of Argentine wines in Amsterdam.

Private dining and corporate facilities are also offered. It is a beautiful, fully renovated building in a great location.


Monday to Thursday: 12 pm to 11 pm
Friday to Sunday: 10 am to 11 pm


13 minutes walking distance

The Bluespoon Restaurant 

The Bluespoon Restaurant
Image: Facebook.com

The Bluespoon Restaurant, led by contemporary Spanish chef Manuel Pereira, serves International cuisine. 

Begin with fresh appetizers and work up to our trademark dishes and desserts.

Before or after dinner, stop into Bluespoon Bar for daring cocktails and comfortable views of Amsterdam’s historic Prinsengracht canal. 

You will find a striking Dutch-inspired interior designed by world-renowned designer Marcel Wanders.


Breakfast: Daily 7 am to 11 am
Bar: Daily 12 pm to 12 am
Dinner: Tuesday to Saturday: 6 pm to 11 pm

Distance: 7 minutes walking distance

The Butcher 

The Butcher
Image: Opentable.com

When Amsterdam is fast asleep, THE BUTCHER Social Club links the city’s nighthawks and early birds. 

The acclaimed Entourage Group’s brand-new concept is a 24-hour convergence of superb food, innovative music, edgy creativity, metropolitan lifestyle, and urban design. 

The famous THE BUTCHER brand gets an unrivaled twist in and outside Amsterdam’s newest urban design mash-up, the A’DAM tower. 

THE BUTCHER SOCIAL CLUB is a full-service urban playground open from 8 am until late at night and all day on Fridays and Saturdays.


Daily: 7 am to 12 am

Distance: 16 minutes walking distance

Explore the types of Heineken Experience tickets to find the perfect one for an unforgettable adventure. 

Arca Amsterdam

This restaurant and bar celebrate the finest of Portugal, bringing authentic Portuguese ingredients and recipes to life with a modern twist and distinctive Asian influences.

Expect unexpected flavor combinations, fantastic craft drinks, and a unique experience in a calm and approachable setting.

ARCA Bar offers a highly innovative drink menu that works well with various ARCA meals. 

Choose from various Petisco platters, add your favorite beverages, and have a terrific night! 


Bar: Monday to Thursday: 11 am to 12 am
Friday, Saturday: 11 am to 1 am 
Dinner: Tuesday to Saturday: 6 pm to 10 pm

Distance: 17 minutes walking distance

Indian restaurants near Heineken Experience

Explore the good restaurants near Heineken Experience Amsterdam, where various enticing Indian restaurants await you. 

The Mayur Indian

The Mayur Indian
Image: Tripopola.com

Mayur is a well-known brand in India for its traditional South Indian cuisine. It is also one of Amsterdam’s oldest Indian restaurants. 

The restaurant has a fantastic atmosphere, friendly staff, and delicious food. It is one of the best places for authentic Indian food, which never fails to deliver. 

You can also get everything from South Indian dosa to North Indian spiced-up mutton tandoori here. 


Monday to Sunday: 5 pm to 11 pm

Distance: 4 minutes

Ashoka – Amsterdam Centrum

This restaurant serves exquisite Indian and Nepalese dishes. Ashoka has two locations in Amsterdam, one in the Centrum and one in the West. 

Traditional curries, tandoori, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, and other options are available. 

Because the restaurant is located in the heart of Amsterdam, it is easily accessible to anyone.


Lunch: Sunday and Saturday: 1 pm to 4 pm
Dinner: Tuesday to Sunday: 5 pm to 10.30 pm
Closed: Monday

Distance: 8 minutes

Bollywood Indian Restaurant

It is one of the best places to eat Indian food in town, with friendly service and a welcoming atmosphere. 

There are also many Bollywood movie posters in the dining area. Furthermore, everything from tandoori grill dishes to biryani can satisfy your cravings. 

The restaurant is located just a few meters from the square Leidseplein. As a result, it is very accessible.


Sunday: 12 pm to 11.45 pm
Monday: 2 pm to 11.45 pm
Tuesday to Thursday: 3 pm to 11.45 pm
Friday and Saturday: 1 pm to 11.45 pm

Distance: 6 minutes

Gandhi Restaurant

Gandhi Restaurant
Image: Thefork.com

If Indian food is on your mind, Gandhi Restaurant proudly presents authentic Indian cuisine in Amsterdam’s Centrum district.

Gandhi restaurant, rich in flavors and has a serene atmosphere, is a great place to indulge in Indian flavors.

Whether you are a North or South Indian, the enrichment of traditional flavors introduced in Gandhi restaurant’s delicious food leaves you with a satisfying thought. 

Our menu consists solely of Indian dishes prepared with fresh and healthy vegetables and a relaxing atmosphere. 

However, besides excellent lunch and dinner options for vegetarians, the menu includes a creative twist for non-vegetarian food lovers! 

Some standout dishes include chicken tikka tandoori, king prawn korma, and seekh kebab. 

From special vegetarian and non-vegetarian thalis to delectable Indian desserts, there is something for everyone.

Gandhi Restaurant is only 7 minutes walk from Amsterdam Central Station.

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday: 12 pm to 12 am

Distance: 10 to 12 minutes

Italian Restaurants near Heineken Experience

Learn all the details of restaurants here and savor a slice of Italy’s culinary delights steps away from the Heineken Experience. 

La Storia Della Vita

La Storia della Vita is a traditional Italian restaurant with delicious dishes, wines, and live music.

Step back in time, a perfect setting for an unforgettable afternoon or evening, all for a reasonable price and with prompt, friendly service.

The cozy restaurant can accommodate individual and business guests and larger groups, such as a birthday party, wedding reception, or company event for up to 80 people. 

During the day, our terrace is brightly lit. We’d love to see you in La Storia della Vita to taste the incredible story of life.

The restaurant is stunning, and the food is delicious.


Monday to Sunday: 11.30 am to 11 pm

Distance: 5 minutes

Italia Oggi

It is an Italian restaurant that has been popular in Amsterdam since 2005. 

Since the beginning of our restaurant, Massimo has shared his passion and love for Italian cuisine with our guests. 

Italia Oggi is well-known for its reasonable prices and friendly service. Large groups can also make reservations at Italian Restaurant Italia Oggi.

Ristorante Italia Oggi is a fine dining establishment in De Pijp. It’s a great place to take your loved ones for a special occasion celebration or to bring a business client for a meeting. 

It’s a lovely restaurant with brightly colored walls, elegant light fixtures, large windows overlooking the street, and an array of bright artwork on the walls. 

Ristorante Italia Oggi’s Italian cuisine includes pizza, seafood, veal, and house-made pasta. 

Popular dishes like the Margherita pizza, risotto, and penne alla trevigiana are available as entrees throughout the day. Ristorante Italia Oggi serves lunch, dinner, and full bar service.


Monday to Sunday: 5 pm to 10 pm

Distance: 12 minutes

Impero Romano

Enjoy traditional and unique Italian cuisine at Ristorante Impero Romano in Amsterdam! 

You can immerse yourself in a Mediterranean atmosphere in our restaurant while tasting authentic Italian cuisine. 

Impero Romano stands for a wide variety of delectable food and wines, as well as Italian hospitality and service. 

All this comes together in a new and beautiful setting for lunch and dinner in Amsteldijk.


Monday to Sunday: 12 pm to 12.30 am

Distance: 5 minutes

Chinese restaurants near Heineken Experience

Transport your taste buds to the vibrant streets of China if you are craving Chinese food after visiting the Heineken Experience. 

Oriental City

It is a high-quality Cantonese restaurant with a profound cultural heritage and innovative expressions, located in Amsterdam’s liveliest and busiest heart. 

It is one of the Netherlands’ most well-known and iconic Chinese restaurants. 

Oriental city Amsterdam, founded in 1973, has been focusing on authentic traditional dim sum and Cantonese cuisine. 

It is constantly pursuing innovation on the premise of guaranteeing high-standard taste and inheriting the cultural history of Cantonese cuisine.


Monday to Sunday: 11.30 am to 10.30 pm

Distance: 10 minutes

Lee Ka Chu – Taste of Culture

If you enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine, this is a must-visit!

The food is flavorful, and this is a safe place to eat scallops, oysters, and other types of seafood!

There is a diverse menu available. Dim Sum, Fried Shrimp with X.O. Sauce (amazing), and Eel are must-order dishes.  

Everything is delicious, and you feel you are in an authentic setting. It is not a posh Chinese restaurant but serves excellent, authentic Chinese cuisine.

The menu is quite extensive, with dishes to suit every palate.

Prices are reasonable given the large size of the dishes. Steamed rice is also included, which is a nice touch.

The staff is courteous and efficient—an excellent place for a great Chinese meal with a pleasant, friendly atmosphere.


Sunday to Thursday: 5 pm to 1 am
Friday and Saturday: 5 pm to 3 am

Distance: 3 minutes

Yuan’s Hot Pot

Welcome to Yuan’s Chuan Chuan Xiang (Yuan’s Hot Pot)! Hot Pot is China’s most popular cuisine. Experience the authentic flavor of Chengdu Hot Pot. 

Yuan’s Chuan Chuan Xiang opened in 1996 and is the direct operation restaurant of Yuan’s Hot Pot Amsterdam. 

Chuan Chuan Xiang is one branch of the hot-pot family that puts food on bamboo skewers.

Skewers are placed into the pot and cooked at the table while the hot pot simmers.

Skewers of fresh vegetables, bean curd, meat, and fish are placed in a pot of delicious hot broth to cook together at the table.

They are Amsterdam’s first Chengdu Hot Pot (Chuan Chuan Xiang) restaurant. We provide the soup base and dishes from the family’s secret recipe.

Yuan’s Hot Pot’s soup base is made with premium ingredients and a secret recipe passed down through generations.

Then select your sticks! They have various fresh ingredients from local Dutch farms and use as much seasonal produce as possible.


Monday to Friday: 4 pm to 10.30 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 12 pm to 10.30 pm

Distance: 2 minutes

Japanese Restaurants near Heineken Experience

Indulge in the art of Japanese cuisine right at the doorstep of this iconic beer experience.  

Japans Restaurant An

This restaurant has served the highest quality food in town for many years.

Home cooking is their style, and they serve food that Japanese people eat daily. Almost all the food is handcrafted – pure, fresh, healthy, and delicious.

They are also suitable for all dietary restrictions, such as vegan and non-dairy diets.

If you want authentic Japanese cuisine prepared by a Japanese owner-chef, please visit restaurant AN!


Tuesday to Saturday: 6 pm to 10 pm
Closed: Monday and Sunday

Distance: 4 minutes


If you want to enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine in Amsterdam, the Japanese restaurant Otaru is the place to go. 

Our restaurant is well-known as Amsterdam’s favorite sushi spot, but we offer much more than just sushi.

You can have lunch and dinner with us seven days a week. Our diverse menu includes fresh sushi, tasty tempura, and delectable Japanese grill dishes. 

In addition to sushi, we offer a variety of traditional dishes. We provide a full Japanese menu with an appetizer, soup, main course, side dish, and dessert.

You can also order sushi from them at a discount. 

In addition to dining in our Japanese restaurant, take-out is available, even at a discounted rate. Our reservation module makes it simple to reserve a table. 

Visit our Sushi restaurant in Amsterdam to taste the delectable flavors of our authentic Japanese cuisine.


Monday to Friday: 12 pm to 11.30 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 3 pm to 11.30 pm

Distance: 3 minutes


IZAKAYA, an Amsterdam culinary hotspot, and authority on Asian gastronomy, has elevated the traditional Japanese dining experience. 

Exquisite Japanese cuisine is given a South American twist and served alongside a cocktail menu of the highest caliber.

IZAKAYA, located at the foot of the Sir Albert boutique hotel in Amsterdam’s vibrant “De Pijp” district, offers pure relaxation and indulgence in an ‘urban chic’ setting. 

Yossi Eliyahoo, the founder of renowned hospitality specialists THE ENTOURAGE GROUP, is the inspiring mind behind the innovative IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar.

Traditional techniques are combined with IZAKAYA’s distinct signature, resulting in spectacular dishes.

Dishes are served on small plates designed for sharing, and guests can order as much as they want. 

Fresh sushi, sashimi, and exquisite meat and fish dishes are prepared on a traditional Robata grill or in a Hibachi fire bowl, a Japanese hot plate. 

Along with redefining Asian culinary classics, IZAKAYA adds a modern twist to the bar with an array of house-infused tonics based on Japanese Shochu.



Monday to Friday: 12 pm to 2.30 pm
Saturday: 12 pm to 3 pm
Sunday: 12 pm to 4 pm


Monday to Wednesday and Sunday: 6 pm to 11 pm
Thursday to Saturday: 6 pm to 11.30 pm

Distance: 2 minutes

Cafes Near Heineken Experience

The Heineken Experience is surrounded by many charming cafes that offer a delightful respite and a chance to indulge in local cuisine and beverages. 

Find the best cafe near Heineken Experience here and choose the perfect one according to you. 

De Wasserette

De Wasserette is a daytime café in the heart of the buzzing Pijp neighborhood, just off the Albert Cuyp market.

The Cafe serves comfortable breakfast dishes, homemade pastries, open-faced sandwiches, salads, soups, and, depending on the season or the chef’s preferences, a burger.

Specialty coffee, quality tea, fresh homemade juices, and beverages are available from the bar. 

Both kitchen and bar products and ingredients have been carefully chosen, emphasizing quality and seasonality.


Monday to Sunday: 7.30 am to 6 pm

Distance: 1 minute

Bar-Café Mankind

Café Mankind is a welcoming stop on your Amsterdam visit. 

Frank has owned and operated the café for over thirty years and welcomes customers at all times of the year. 

In the summer, you can unwind on our canal-side terrace or street-side patio. The café is a snug and warm haven from the canals’ chill in winter.  

Aside from an excellent selection of freshly prepared hot and cold light dishes, sandwiches, and snacks, they also serve a delicious steak or saté with fries and salad. 

They have always provided that ‘little bit extra’ at Mankind and have time to chat and recommend events or attractions. 

It’s all part of the package. They also have a selection of free magazines and newspapers, maps, and information to help you make the most of your stay.  


Monday to Saturday: 12 pm to 12 am
Closed: Sunday

Distance: 1 to 3 minutes

Cafe de Punt

For decades, Café-restaurant de Punt has been a household name throughout the region. 

This location is also a household name for all cyclists and cyclists who like to take a break here and enjoy a delicious coffee. 

Relaxing on the sun-drenched terrace or the water’s edge with a view of the polder is ideal.

You can have a delicious lunch or a filling dinner here. They only use fresh ingredients from mostly local suppliers.

If you enjoy rare beers, you should visit the point. The extensive selection of unique beers, both on tap and in bottles, changes regularly and is well worth a visit. 

Slijterij Topido is a household name in Amsterdam and the surrounding area, and they are thus the supplier of the wines available at Café-restaurant de Punt. 

You’ll find everything here, from an excellent house wine to a beautiful classic.


Monday to Sunday: 12 pm to 1 pm

Distance: 2 minutes

Featured Image: Restaurant.indianretailer.com

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