Beer tasting at Heineken Amsterdam

Nestled in the vibrant city of Amsterdam, the Heineken Experience stands as a beacon for beer enthusiasts worldwide. 

While the museum offers a captivating journey through Heineken’s history and brewing process, one aspect that truly sets it apart is the beer-tasting experience. 

After touring the entire attraction, you may relax with a cold beverage at the Best Dam Bar, a nightclub-style bar beneath the building. 

You can even dance your heart out while sipping a cool swig of beer.

You can spend time at the bar at the end of the trip and receive two extra Heinekens. 

Heineken experience beer tasting

One of the highlights of the beer tasting at Heineken Experience is the opportunity to sample exclusive and limited-edition Heineken brews that are not readily available elsewhere. 

These unique offerings provide a chance to indulge in flavors that showcase the brewery’s creativity, innovation, and commitment to pushing the boundaries of brewing. 

Savor the excitement of exploring rare and experimental brews that exemplify Heineken’s dedication to craftsmanship and quality.

Your Heineken Experience ticket includes two free beers at the Best Dam Bar and a modest sampling supplied throughout your tour. 

Step into a world of flavor, aroma, and craftsmanship as we explore the immersive and delightful journey that awaits visitors at the Heineken Experience.

The beer-tasting experience at the Heineken Experience is not just about sipping on a cold beverage. 

It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the beer world and gain a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship that creates each distinct flavor profile.

Every sip reveals a story behind carefully selecting ingredients, brewing techniques, and Heineken’s passion for beer-making.

Beer tasting at the Heineken Experience goes beyond the glass as it opens up a world of beer and food pairing possibilities. 

Discover the fascinating interplay between flavors as you learn which culinary delights best complement the characteristics of each beer.

From delicate cheeses to artisanal snacks, the sommeliers will provide insightful suggestions on elevating your tasting experience by combining flavors in perfect harmony.

Immerse yourself in the energy of a place dedicated to celebrating the art and heritage of brewing.

As you conclude your tour, you’ll leave with more than just a memorable palate journey. 

Heineken ensures visitors can take a piece of the experience home with them. 

Whether it’s limited-edition merchandise or personalized souvenirs, you’ll be reminded of the extraordinary beer-tasting adventure you embarked on at the Heineken Experience.

Are you curious about all the processes that the Heineken beer goes through? Read on to find out everything about it. 

Processes involved in Heineken beer making 

The Heineken lager comprises only three ingredients: barley, hops, and water. 

Heineken instantly changes into the brew we love when they add the A-yeast.


It begins with barley—a grain rich in nutrients, including naturally occurring starch, protein, and fiber. After soaking, the barley is gently heated for a few days to dry off. 

This precise procedure is known as malting.


A plant that is bursting with flavor. Hops come in various flavors, from intense scents to mild herbal flavors. Choosing the right crop is an art form in and of itself.


Water is the primary ingredient in lager, accounting for up to 95% of the final beverage. Because water is such an important component, only the best water is used.

Chilling after cooking

The crushed, malted barley is combined with water. This results in the wort, a sweet, syrupy liquid that is subsequently boiled. Hops are also used to increase the flavor.

Fermentation on the horizontal

Heineken’s distinctive A-Yeast is introduced at the proper temperature, kicking off the natural fermentation process that transforms sugar into alcohol and CO2. 

This technique results in the distinctive, balanced Heineken® flavor. 

Our A-Yeast thrives on colossal surface areas in our horizontal fermentation tanks.

Patient lagering for 28 days

We brew Heineken for 28 days to achieve a flawlessly balanced taste, refreshing clarity, and stunning golden-yellow color.

Quality takes time, but it is well worth it.

What would a brewery tour be without a beer tasting? 

After your tour, you can stay at the bar as long as you want. 

Take advantage of the souvenir shop, where you can personalize your Heineken bottle or glass to commemorate your visit to one of the world’s most famous breweries.

Types of Heineken beers 

Types of Heineken beers
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A Heineken expert will present and sample 5 premium Heineken beers. 

This sampling session promises to transport you through the rich heritage and craftsmanship behind the renowned Heineken brand. 

You can read the details about them below. 

Heineken Original

Heineken Original
Image: Heineken.com

For over 150 years, an unwavering commitment to purity and excellence has produced Heineken, the world’s most recognizable beer brand. 

When you see a red star on a green bottle, you know that every ice-cold, crisp sip will give that deeply gratifying flavor with subtle fruity undertones.

A flavor tradition survived for almost a century and a half due to the simplicity and quality of the ingredients, as well as the precise attention to the brewing procedure.

Heineken 0.0

Heineken 0.0
Image: Spencers.in

Our master brewers started from scratch and spent years exploring, brewing, and tasting before settling on a recipe distinguished by its refreshing fruity aromas and smooth malty body – perfectly balanced. 

One worthy of the Heineken label. Of course, with the uncompromising Heineken traits that have been there since 1873: premium ingredients and Heineken’s exclusive A-Yeast. 

It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t impossible either.

Heineken 0.0 is a pleasant non-alcoholic lager produced with a proprietary recipe for a distinct balanced flavor, allowing you to enjoy a Heineken beer anytime. 

They challenged their Master Brewers to use their experience to create the best non-alcohol beer possible using only natural ingredients. 

The end product is a 0.0 beer made by beer enthusiasts for beer lovers.

Heineken Draught

We are proud that every Heineken in every country has the same consistent quality and taste. However, keep in mind that beer does not like air. 

It has an impact on the fresh, crisp flavor. 

A premium Heineken demands exceptional protection: a strong foam head. 

It’s a seal that keeps the air out and the fine bubbles in, allowing you to savor the flavor as intended.

Extra Cold

Select an ice-cold bottle from the Sub Zero refrigerator. 

Alternatively, a smooth draught from the frozen column. Both are chilled to zero degrees for longer-lasting refreshments. What better way to cool off?

Tapped into a frozen glass, a smooth draught from the frozen column. 

Alternatively, use an ice-cold bottle or can straight from the Sub Zero fridge – cooled twice as quickly and kept just above freezing temperature.

Heineken Silver

Heineken Silver is brewed utilizing an ice-cold lagering method at -1°C to achieve its extra-refreshing flavor. The end result? 

Everyone may appreciate this approachable and distinctive 4% premium lager with a crisp and delicate finish and the unmistakable fruit scent of Heineken Original. 

That is Extra Fresh, For Real!

Buy the Heineken Experience VIP tour ticket and sail through this legendary brewery! 
Visit this secret pub for a beer tasting to sample five different brews and snacks. 

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